How to Use

We are creators and we designed Electricdust for creatives. As much as it is an actual product, it is an idea-- an idea that food and beverage should be fun and  irreverent experiences that connect individuals. The only thing we like about rules, is breaking them. But, we wanted to outline some best practices and pro-tips for creating.


For cocktails, rim a glass, decorate a garnish, or use as an ingredient within a cocktail. Pro-tip, we recommend painting some simple syrup or citrus juice on the outside of the glass and dusting from atop. Think outside of the traditional around-the-collar rim, (Get your Picasso on!) and try a vertical stripe or a crescent lip. Dust on Electricdust, either by hand (Salt bae?), put some in a spice shaker, or if you’re a pro-bartender ( who, duh despises ice chips…) and you have your fine strain laying around, my favorite way is to sprinkle some Electricdust from there, and give it a tap..tap..tap… while I  pretend I’m Dominque Ansel. For culinary, we like using Electricpops as a palate-cleanser or amuse-bouche to a meal. Dusting an appetizer makes a meal more satisfying and flavorful and I really love it on a cheese platter (especially creamy cheeses, as it has this effervescent wave that rolls over the creaminess on your tongue.)  Ending in a dessert is the crescendo that a beautiful meal deserves. 


Electricdust works as an ingredient in food or beverage. But, where the magic really happens is when it has direct long-lasting contact with the salivary glands on your tongue. Don’t be shy, lick it like you mean it. We aren’t here to judge.


Apparently patience is a virtue, but we missed that day at school. But trust me, when I say, “Waaiiiiit for it…” Once Electricdust has made contact with your tongue, try and wait a few seconds before consuming anything else. Wait 30 seconds (text your Mom, check your IG, Drop it Like it’s Hot, swipe right, etc…) and you will start to feel the tingles on your tongue. Electricdust contains a natural alkaloid and you will start to feel the electricity on your journey to becoming a supertaster.


As your tongue is being covered in a tingling-sensation you will embark on a     roller-coaster of sensation and flavors as Electricdust charges your tastebuds. As your experience intensifies you will start to taste different nuances and flavors that you’ve never noticed before. The effects of Electricdust are different for everyone and the sensation is incremental, so the more you use, the more you will feel and taste.